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Why do some religions and cultures frown
Upon psychics and mediums?

Psychics are as old as time itself. The desire to know the future has been present in every culture and promise of a safe and happy afterlife runs through many religious doctrines. Psychics and soothsayers have often enlightened people on an individual level, which some powers, political or religious, have considered to be dangerous or subversive.

Encouraging people to develop individual spirituality has also been seen in the past as affecting peoples belief in common faith, and there are times when psychic insight was an unwelcome intrusion if it didn’t correspond with the impression that the ruling powers where trying to create. Psychics have always run the risk of running into the “Shoot the messenger” syndrome!

 Are women better psychics?

Women’s feeling and intuition often work on a different level to men, so they show more interest and affinity in psychic awareness and matters related to it. Their maternal instincts and concern for children and family tend to show more awareness and concern of the possible future, beyond just providing in a material sense, and this concern has a strong spiritual aspect.

Men can sometimes be better at giving information, and women can be better at receiving and acting upon it, so men can become highly intuitive and helpful psychics, they have the same psychic ability, but have to re-align themselves more to develop their psychic powers.

Do creative people have more psychic ability?

Everyone is creative., but we often put limitations on ourselves which block our creative energies. People who have crossed that barrier, and develop their creative abilities, have a different state of consciousness, and can be more aware in a psychic sense. Inspiration is important to the creative person, and so is insight. You need to see ahead and into the future to take yourself to the next level of creativity. Your own thoughts can be very limiting in this regard, so creative people are in a sense, free thinkers, and more capable of psychic intuition.

Why are some people psychic and others aren't?

Psychic ability is often referred to as a gift. But this can be confusing. It's not that some people are given this gift and others aren't. Psychic insight is available to all; it is an attribute of the soul. Like reading, writing and arithmetic, it is a basic life skill. Sometimes we complain that there are no guidebooks on how to live a soulful, meaningful life. But, when you were born, you were given intuition, a built-in guide and advisor. This is everyone's gift. With practice and patient determination, you too can tap into this ability.

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