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Why can't I see what you see?

There is no reason you can't. Many people have psychic insight, but they don't recognize it or know how to translate what they see. Like learning a foreign language, it requires study and practice.

Are psychics more spirtually advanced than other people?

While psychic ability requires the understanding and application, but advanced spirituality is not really a requirement. Most psychics are interesting, compassionate and ethical people with a spiritual focus in life, but Psychics are people too. They face all the life challenges that others do.

Can psychics see my future?

Your future is not set in stone because we all have free will to tread our path through life. A psychic's role is to use their insight to see the potential future based upon your current situation and behaviour and to guide you and help you address your problems and thereby make better decisions to bring about a brighter future. Practitioners who claim 100% accuracy are probably best avoided!

So please use common sense and sound judgment when taking advice. Your psychic reading is subject to your own personal interpretation and guidance given is not intended as predictive. Any actions taken by you the customer are solely your choice and your responsibility.

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading is usually done in order to help you with your life issues. The reader may have psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and seership. Some may use oracles such as the Tarot Cards as a tool to help them understand your situation and help you find the best way forward.

What is a medium?

A medium, or psychic medium or Spiritualist Medium, has the ability to be a connect to the spirit world. A medium cannot guarantee that a specific spirit person will come through. The medium connects to spirit but cannot always call up specific people.

Can I help the spirit come through?

An open mind helps and one should have a degree of cheerful and hopeful expectation but not over-expectation. Again treat it as an experiment. The medium will do their best and – if the conditions are right – loved ones will give you proof that your loved ones spirit has survived death.

Can I help the psychic be more accurate?

It does not help if you try to get the psychic to give you the answer you want to hear. Enjoy the conversation, remain open minded, be friendly and allow a rapport between you. Respond and answer so that the psychic knows they’ve correctly tuned into you but don't be coy or dishonest about what’s happening in your life. It’s the psychic’s job to pick up the facts about your situation and offer advice. If you are unsure about something that’s being said then feel free to ask questions or interject.

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