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If I am recently bereaved or grieving deeply should I have a mediumistic consultation?

It would probably be best to wait a while. Although it is possible for the newly departed spirit to make contact on the same day they’ve passed over, in most cases it takes them some time to adjust to their new conditions. Also you too need time to get over the shock and pain of loosing someone you love. Mediums believe that for a communication between the two worlds to take place the conditions have to be just right. You need to be inwardly ready. For many people, speaking to a medium is a big step to take so take it when your heart is ready and not just on impulse.
A psychic medium endeavours to give you proof of what spiritualists refer to as “the survival of the personality after death”. This means that the medium will endeavour to make a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient communication with your loved ones on the other side. This is not a spooky séance but a loving link between the two worlds with the objective of giving you comforting proof of the survival of your loved ones.
Sitters sometimes think that the psychic medium is a kind of magician who can be left to do all the work and provide the proof with no effort on their part. It takes two to make a connection. The medium of course plays the principal role, but the sitter should also be responsive.

Sitters seldom realise how much depends on them as well as the medium. An open mind is conducive to a good reading and gets the best results. The attitude of the sitter should be unprejudiced, friendly if possible, receptive and attentive. A sympathetic atmosphere helps the medium, and a hostile atmosphere hinders him or her. This is why sceptics often do not get as good a reading as an open minded loving person – the emanations of the hostile mind often destroy all possibility of the very evidence which might convince it! Similarly the over eager sitter can spoil things by jumping in to fill in details that the medium was just about to say.
As the recipient of the messages from the spirit world your voice plays an important part. It helps to create a vibration link between you, the sitter and the spirit communicator. This greatly assists the consultation. In particular it encourages the spirit communicator, who can hear the voice of the person he is trying to reach.


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