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Court Cards

Court cards represent personalities, but whose? They can be read as aspects of the person being read for, or as other people in the their life. One thing that helps is to ask the person that I am reading for. Some readers think we have to know all the answers and feel shy about asking for help, but the reading is about the person that I am reading for, and this helps me to connect with them.

Who knows better what is going on in that person's life than they do? Should you come upon a Court Card in a reading and feel stumped, describe the personality traits associated with the card and ask them, "Do you know anyone  like this?"  If the answer is no, then it would be safe to assume that these are qualities the person has manifested or needs to manifest in this situation.


Pages are considered the children or young people of the deck. I personally think they have many characteristics in common with The Fool. They are inquisitive, impulsive, playful and eager to learn. To me they indicate a person who has these characteristics regardless of age or sex.

Page of Wands - Active, energetic, enthusiastic, playful and passionate
Page of Cups - Affectionate, dreamy, intuitive, sweet
Page of Swords - quick witted, takes risks, sometimes brooding or thoughtless
Page of Pentacles - Practical, thrifty, wise for their age.


Knights I consider to be the peers of the person I am reading for. They are seekers on a quest which I interpret to be finding their place in the great scheme of things, therefore they are like most of us, who are on the same quest.

Knight of Wands - Searching, spiritual, enthusiastic
Knight of Cups - Romantic, sensitive, caring, moody jealous
Knight of Swords - Aggressive, communicative, interested in ideas and their expression
Knight of Pentacles - Secure, stable, reliable, patient



Queens in my opinion are women who wield some power over the person, whether positional or emotional. I see Queens and Kings as very similar, though I feel Queens are more subtle in their power.
Queen of Wands - Self confident, powerful, generous, quick tempered
Queen of Cups - Nurturing, psychic, emotional, empathetic
Queen of Swords - Articulate, critical, aloof, distant
Queen of Pentacles - Practical, trustworthy, comforting.



Kings are similar to Queens in that they represent someone with power over the person. They are different in that they manifest the characteristics of their suits in a stronger, more raw manner. They can be excessive, or heavy handed where the Queen is usually more balanced and reserved.
King of Wands - Forceful, domineering, risk taker, creative, sets high goals
King of Cups - Romantic, charming, fun, sensitive
King of Swords - Analytical, intellectual, ruthless,
King of Pentacles - Down to earth. sensual, secure.

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