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Your Future is in the Palm of Your Hand


Explore past lives, Discover Soul Mates and Spirit Guides, and gain Insight into your Karmic Potential through Palmistry.

Think about the many different things You do with your hands each day: eating, writing, gesturing, caressing a loved one. Now take a close look at your hand. Is your palm round or square? The shape reveals yor instinctive reactions to life. Square hands are generally "thinkers,"  while round hands are more likely to be "feelers." Are your fingers short and plump or long and thin? Your fingers reveal how you approach the world around you.


The lines of your hands are like the circuit board of your brain. These lines are caused by nerve endings in your palm. These nerves stem from the middle brain where the two hemispheres join. So every thought you have conscious and unconscious, is reflected in some way in your hand. As your life and attitudes change, the lines of your hand will reflect the new patterns of your life.


This can be observed by studying your own hand closely. You may observe, over time, that your life line, which wraps around your thumb and across your palm, creeps across your palm as you experience dramatic changes in your life-style. The other lines of your hand change as well. These lines change as first, your attitude changes. Your attitude is not altered by changing lines.

The Four Main Shapes of the Hand

The Action Hand has a round curved palm, and widespread, short fingers. People with this hand have a quick and active mind. They favour exact truth, so they can be very blunt at times. They prefer decisive action and are very protective of loved ones.

The Sensitive Hand  is long and thin, and usually pale in colour. It belongs to people who feel very deeply, who are very intuitive by nature, and arrive at quick answers without much reflection. They are often deeply psychic and empathic.

The Analytical Hand is rectangular with long, smooth fingers. People with this hand can be a little distant and aloof, and they need  space around them. They can be stubborn and set in their ways. They like to have all the facts before making  up their minds,  and can take all day to do so.

The Emotional Hand is long and rectangular, with prominent knuckles and thumb. People with  these hands have a great love for art and poetry, and love romance and drama. They tend to see the best in people, and can be idealistic. They are dynamic and attentive lovers. They are often possessed of many interseting bits of triva about virtually every subject.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

The Fingers of the Hand

The length and shape of the fingers can reveal a lot about a person's mindset. People with long fingers tend to be open minded and flexible, but can be annoying because of their perfectionism. People with short fingers however, can be very stubborn and impatient. They want answers right now, and they like specific answers to specific questions. The length of each individual finger can tell you a lot about your emotional quirks.


A long forefinger (the finger of Jupiter) denotes an aggressive bossy person.

A long second finger (the finger of Saturn) represents someone whose conscience is very strong.

A long ring finger (the finger of Apollo) represents someone who is an idealist, but with the ability to motivate others through their strong personal magnetism.

A long little finger (the finger of mercury) denotes somone with a natural fluency with words, a born salesman. An extremely long Mrecury finger denotes someone who bends the truth to suit himself, so they may not always necessarily mean what they say.


The Three Major Lines of The Hand

The Lifeline is the line that wraps around your thumb and ends at your wrist. The length of the life line does NOT predict your life span. This is not accurate and can do no good. The life line gives a good idea of the your life energies, and how directed you are.

The Head line is the line that starts at the side of your hand, just above the life line, and travels horizontally across the palm. Where the head line ends is of the utmost importance. The head line denotes patterns of thought and indicates if you are logical or imaginative in your approach to problem solving.

The Heart line is the most important line in the hand, because most people want to know about their romantic prospects. It indicates how you think about relationships and your own emotional approach to issues of the heart. The heart line starts at the edge of the hand above the Head line, and travels acrosss toward the thumb side.

Where the Heart line ends is very important. If the line ends under your first finger, it indicates that you are very romantic, and may put partners on a pedestal.

If the line ends under your second finger it can mean that you are very  flamboyant and dynamic in your affections. You love to show your affection and receive great satisfaction from helping others.

A Heart line that goes up into the second finger is very rare and known as the Gift of Mercy. If your line ends here, you are capable of great loving loving sacrafice in the service to others. Mother Theresa had this formation, and that tells you a lot.

When the heart line ends between your first and second finger, you have a good, balanced approach to love. You are able to give and receive affection appropriately, and do no get so caught up in another that you lose sight of yourself. It is also a sign that you have a healthy enjoyment of physical love.


Palmistry is a deep, rewarding and facinating subject. There is so much about you waiting to be discovered in the Palms of your Hands. It 's a very enjoyable and insightful way to find out about you and your future.